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Gary Craig EFT

Well Again
“Healing through the Art of Alternative Therapy” 

Doctors and practitioners are currently experiencing an increase in chronic pain in epidemic proportions. Research shows over 80% of Americans suffer from chronic pain. Many times these chronic pain issues though real and genuinely painful, often show no anatomic or “physical” findings upon physical examination and diagnostic testing. When people hear the words “there is nothing more we can do for you”, they become very discouraged and are forced to seek alternative forms of treatments. 

We are standing on the leading edge of a wonderful new and dynamic way of healing. A number of complementary and alternative modalities have sprung up as solutions to fill the void left by allopathic medicine providing results when nothing else worked. Energy Medicine is one such modality that has far exceeded our greatest expectations. Quantum Physics had proven that everything is energy, even our thoughts. Energy is the infrastructure of your health and is constantly communicating with your cells, organs, and your thoughts every minute of every day. Science has proven that the mind and the immune system are inseparable. That our thoughts and perceptions have a tremendous affect on our cells even down to our DNA. Every thought has a reaction and effect. Thought is the cause and the physical manifestation is the effect. 

We create our own prison walls by our misguided thoughts. We have up till now allowed modern medicine to strip us of our ability to self-heal. Wayne Dwyer stated “What you think about the most, you become. What you are now experiencing in your life is due to your past thoughts and beliefs”. It is a well known fact that long term stress and anxiety lead to chronic pain and illness. When the mind is in a state of stress or turmoil it causes fear. Fear causes confusion and self doubt. Self doubt underlies our deepest frustrations and creates blocks that prevent us from moving forward and reaching our goals on a physical, social and emotional level. 

The only barrier to understanding how awesome and magnificent we truly are is in our own limited minds. What we believe we achieve. “THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS”. This law is infallible whether we believe it or not. It is of vital importance for us to recognize and become aware of the immense power of our thoughts so that we may properly utilize this power to heal instead of destroying our bodies. Treating issues incorporating the mind/body/energy philosophy puts the power of healing back into our own hands. As much as the brain has become conditioned through negative thoughts and beliefs, it can be re-conditioned through the process of changed perceptions and attitudes.  

Imagine having the ability to drastically reduce or eliminate your stress, doubts, pain and fears! Imagine also that you can learn to change your negative thoughts and vibrations whereby you can begin to attract all that is good into your life, which is your God given gift! Sounds amazing? Sounds Unbelievable? Well it is absolutely true! We can achieve this process with a magnificent self-help tool called Emotional Freedom technique (EFT) which was developed by Gary Craig from California. EFT is acupuncture without the use of needles. It involves gentle tapping on powerful meridian points with the use of your fingertips while you focus on the issue you want resolved. EFT can drastically reduce or eliminate pain and stress as well as a host of other issues. The EFT process is very gentle yet powerful. EFT can override our conditioned beliefs that are blocking us from healing and living a life of joy. Visit for a free downloadable manual.  

Roseanna Ellis is a licensed practitioner and owner of Well Again Co. She has researched the alternative arena for years before finding powerful effective treatment tools to help her clients suffering from chronic pain or stress. By combining alternative and conventional therapy techniques, the results have been remarkable especially because the client is 100% involved in the process. She has helped hundreds of people of all ages achieve their self-healing potentials on both a physical and emotional level with astounding success. Roseanna has traveled to Europe and Africa teaching this work. She gives private sessions as well as workshops.

1. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is utilized to dramatically reduce or eliminate stress, fear, anxiety or pain associated with the injury or trauma. To watch a video on EFT, click the video below.

2. Primal Reflex Release (PRRT), is another unbelievable dynamic technique offered to rid the body of uncontrolled conditioned hyper reflexes like “The Pain” and “Startle and Withdrawal” For more information visit To watch a video on PRRT, click the video clip below.

3. Active Isolated Stretching (AIS), is a simple yet dynamic way to safely stretch while increasing oxygen and nutrients to the muscles and facilitates the immune system vital for repair and recovery. The results are long lasting and phenomenal. For more information visit

4. At Well Again, every involved muscle is targeted, tested, and facilitated to work until it returns to its original healthy state. A thorough strengthening program is implemented to yield balance in all the muscles since every part of the body is interconnected and communicates each other. For example, a patient with TMJ could later suffer from neck, shoulder and spine issues. Through core stabilization, balance training, and coordination exercises a wide array of physical conditions are treated such as: upper and lower extremity injuries, neurological disorders, balance disorders, sport related injuries, and the enhancement of peak performance.

Roseanna's office is in Long Branch, New Jersey. For further information call her at 732-500-4502 or you can e-mail her at


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