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"Helping a Parkinson's patient walk again"

EFT Miracle
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July 1, 2006 - I was out walking on the board along the beach when I passed a man who was having a difficult time walking. He was holding on to the rail with one hand and clutching a walking cane in the other. His friend also was holding on tight to him for safety. I had passed by them but something made me turn around and approach them. I quickly found out that none of them spoke English. A few words from them made me think that they were Polish. I asked the gentleman, "Are you all right?" He said "Parkinson". I noticed that when he let go the rail his left hand waved uncontrollably in all directions without purpose. I had only seen this kind of behavior once in physical therapy with a patient with Huntington's disease (a degenerative disease in the cerebral cortex of the brain). This along with the Parkinson's was pitiful to watch but I couldn't leave.

I will call him Ben because I never got his name.

I placed his hand back on the rail and began to tap on him for…

"This Parkinson's disease" He repeated "Parkinson" Great, I thought.

I tapped again and said "Parkinson…. Relax" He repeated. I tapped for about three rounds until I heard him take a big sigh. Then I removed his hand from the rail and turned him around so that his back was against the rail for support. Then I tapped and said

“Evan though my body will not do what I want it to do, I choose to relax and be calm”

“Even though my left arm goes anywhere it wants to, I choose to have control”

I repeated these statements until I heard him sigh. He looked much more relaxed. I took his hand and made him take a step away from the rail. By this time there was no movement from his left arm, it just hung by his side. He was able to stand on his own without help and he was breathing calmly. I began to tap again for…

“Even though I have this fear of moving, I choose for my body to relax.”

After the next sigh I demonstrated turning at my waist from right to left. He repeated without any help. He was smiling now and his friend stood with his mouth open.

I then took his hand and walk a little. He shuffled his feet a little, so I tapped again.

“Even though my feet are shuffling, I choose to walk with ease and grace”.

I did about three rounds again until I felt that it was time to re-test him.

This time he walked about fifteen feet just holding my hand. But his head was slightly forward. I said KING and tried to demonstrate me walking like a king. His friend caught on and repeated something in polish to Ben. Ben stood up straight and smiled.

I tapped for… “Even though my head is forward, I choose to walk like a king”

This time I had him walk by himself with me very close by for safety. He walked and I tapped on his face and under his arm. He walked with confidence, speed and with no fear.

By this time 20 min had passed and I was getting a nice sun burn. He made a motion to ask for my number. I gave it to him. I watched as the two men walked hand in hand down the boardwalk as if going for a nice stroll. His friend was holding Ben's cane for him. All this on a very busy boardwalk and with little or no English…Roseanna Ellis

Continued treatments:

Michael, as now I know his name, has had three one hour visits so far. His wife brings him in each week and translates as best as she can for him. She told me they were Russian and not Polish like I thought. His treatments have consisted of, EFT, Stretching, Qi Gong, Balance and ambulation exercises. I spend a lot of time talking to his wife about the power of the mind while working on Michael, and she interpreted my words to him. Today is Tuesday July the 25 th . He walked up the stairs to my office at the normal speed of any other man and with little or nor trouble holding onto the rail with one hand. He walked in to my office room without any support and holding his cane high in the air. He handed me a gift of a book he wrote. It is in Russian, but he wrote a little note inside the book for me. It said,

Dear Roseanne, I would like to give you that book as a gift from the whole of my heart. I wrote it myself and published it in America . To my pity the book is written in Russian. So I hope that time will passed and you would know Russian and you will read it in Russian. But may be I would know English and that case may be translating that book. Sincere yours, Author Michael. He had someone else translate his words to English.

His exaggerated arm flaring motions were only visible when he became very tired from the exercise work. His wife stated that she has seen much improvement from the first visit to now. Today we began a new exercise. I had him attempt to pick up his knee and stand on one foot for three seconds. He couldn't hold the position for more that I second. But after tapping on his balance and him concentrating on the task he wanted to achieve, he held the position for 5 seconds. Then I had him ascend and descend a flight of stairs without holding onto the rail for support. He was very pleased with the results of his therapy today. What a sweet man. I am the one blessed.




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