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Gary Craig EFT

Primal Reflex Release

“The power of the nervous system.”

There are many obstacles that can interfere with the healing process such as inflexibility, muscle weakness, postural deformity and a sedentary lifestyle. An effective treatment that is gaining much attention in research today is called Primal Reflex Release Therapy or PRRT.

When you experience pain and have a basic understanding of why it occurs, then you will realize that pain is not your enemy but actually your friend. Pain is the body's way of communicating a concern it has when you are injured. The brain reacts with a reflex stimulus as its first method of defense. A reflex is any involuntary movement which occurs automatically from the nervous system. They are electric in nature and react at the speed of light. We are born with many protective reflexes such as the withdrawal, the startle, and the pain reflex. When you touch something hot or sharp, these reflexes cause us to jump and react spontaneously in an effort to protect ourselves. But sometimes reflexes can become more of a hindrance than a help.

At the onset of a trauma, either physical or emotional, any or all these reflexes can be triggered or activated to respond in an attempt to protect the system. With sustained illness, trauma, or repeated injuries there is a constant up-regulation of these reflexes. The longer these reflexes are in control of your muscles or body, the greater the risk that they will become conditioned. They will react to the slightest motion or stimuli with over exaggerated actions even though there may be no immediate danger. Hyperactive, up-regulated reflexes can create habitual contractions of many muscles causing a sharp pain, and which also interferes with the healing process.

John Iams developed Primal Reflex Release which consists of dozens of techniques to control, down-regulate, and re-condition the nervous system to release these deadly reflexes. Doctors and therapists are flocking to California to learn this new revolutionary procedure. See www.theprrt.com . It is a powerful yet gentle technique in finding and releasing the source of pain caused by uncontrolled reflexes.

With the process of providing PRRT, speed of movement is essential. In a series of very quick but gentle tapping with the use of a reflex hammer or your fingers, aimed at targeted tendons, the unwanted reflexes let go. PRRT can take a few visits to achieve a pain free state, but when it does, a cascade of healing takes place. With the ability to out wit these reflexes we can facilitate the powerful healing potential of the body. Clients notice positive healing effects within the first few visits. While PRRT is quite capable of ridding the body of these nasty conditioned reflexes, Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT developed by Gary Craig, can eliminate the issues behind the trauma or pain. The process of EFT only takes minutes to perform. The memory of the injury or trauma remains but the negative emotion related to it is released. For information on EFT go to www.emofree.com .The combination of these great therapies acts like an A bomb in the process of recovery.

I have been privileged to attend all three of John Iams seminars and have acquired advanced certificates. I have had great results in applying this technique and it has been a great addition to my other therapies.




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