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Gary Craig EFT


Emotional Freedom Technique

Primal Reflex Release (Initial-Intermediate & Advanced)

Active Isolated Stretching (Advanced)

Neural Mobility: Intervention Strategies.

Soft Tissue Release: British Sports Therapy

CranioSacral (Therapy Level 1 &11) Upledger Institute

Myofascial Release

Clinical Hypnosis

Annual Sports Medicine Symposium

International Sports and Fitness Training

Muscle Imbalance in the Neurological Patient

Regeneration and Re-Organization of Neurons following CVA

Reiki/ Qi Gong Healing (energy Medicine) 5 days

Energy Medicine / Energy Kinesiology (Donna Eden) 5 days

EFT, Gary Craig- Connecticut/San Francisco/ Denver

Lymphatic Drainage ( Dr.Vodder) Princeton , NJ . 2 weeks

Spinal Touch Technique (bio-Mechanical Foundation's)

Evaluation and Treatment of the Shoulder

Osteoporosis- (A Comprehensive Treatment Strategy) Sara Meeks

Cancer Massage



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