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Gary Craig EFT

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

It has been stated that negative emotions from long term stress, anxiety and fears are responsible for much of our pain, and illnesses to-day. Emotions are not bad. They are a part of our innate intelligence. But when they are distorted, they place the body in a continuous state of alert and protection. Perceptions shape reality. What you think matters because the body always follows the mind. Our perception of who we think we are is developed at a very early age by our parents, teachers, peers and society. The writings on our walls (belief system) placed there by others also dictate our actions and reactions to life and events in general. By changing the mind, you can change the body and the outcome of events. But changing life long conditioned attitudes, beliefs and behaviors is difficult because they are ingrained and conditioned into our subconscious mind since early childhood.

It has been well established by science that the body is energy. Chinese medicine had believed and worked with the energy system through the therapy of acupuncture for over five thousand years. Traditional acupuncture meridian theory holds that Chi or life force is a form of energy that flows through all the organs and systems within the body. These acupuncture points show a dramatic decrease in electric resistance on the skin compared to non-acupuncture points. Research has proved that an electric current flows along the meridians and that the acupuncture points acts as amplifiers which stimulates the electrical signals as they move across the body. William A. Tiller stated that, “The body can be thought of as a type of transmitting/receiving antenna” and that the autonomic nervous system ANS is a signal carrier, waveguide, and signal conductor utilizing both sympathetic and parasympathetic branches. He also stated that the acupuncture points are coupled to the ANS via the fourteen meridians. Through contact or touch we can stimulate the antenna capacity which connects the circuits facilitating ion flow which unblocks the meridian channel.

When the energy system is out of whack, healing is greatly compromised. Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT, was developed by Gary Craig, a Stamford engineer. Gary states that “all negative emotions is a disruption in the body's energy system. EFT is a form of acupuncture without the use of needles. Instead you gently tap and stimulate specific powerful meridian points with your fingers, on the head, face, chest, and hands while you concentrate on the issue you want addressed. When applied properly and at the right spot, EFT can balance the energy system and eliminate many of our emotional issues paving the way for the body to heal itself.

EFT helps break longstanding unwanted emotional issues such as fears, stress, anxiety and phobias in a very short time. Physical pain such as back, neck and shoulder pain along with a host of other ailments also get drastically reduced or eliminated. Even chronic illnesses such as fibromyalgia, Parkinson's, MS, arthritis, hypertension and countless other illnesses appear to get much relief from EFT. It is like a magic “try it on everything” pill.

When issues are resolved with EFT, the memory of the physical or emotional incident remains but the negative charge associated with it disappears. It also appears to turn off the fight or flight response of the sympathetic nervous system and facilitates a calming effect by releasing a chemical called serotonin, which by the way helps with sleep disorders also. With some issues EFT results are spontaneous and permanent, but with other more severe issues, the process may have to be repeated a few times.

I have been privileged to attend many of Gary 's seminars and to have watched him work first hand on many difficult issues. I have also attained his workshop certifications. It is one of the most powerful therapies I have ever worked with. I have had about 85% success rate applying EFT on pain, phobias, Parkinson's disease, peak performance and many other issues. It has been a powerful dynamic miraculous addition to my other modalities. To find out more about Emotional Freedom Technique and to download a free 75 page manual, go to www.emofree.com .

You can also read many articles I have written of my success with the use of EFT on his website by typing in my name, Roseanna Ellis, in the search box.


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