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Gary Craig EFT

Sports Injury Therapy

Amazing techniques that are helping my clients reach their athletic potential. EFT, PRRT, and AIS.

For decades practitioners and therapists have exhausted the research to treat many components of the neuromuscular system. Yet the incidence of pain due to sports injuries, stress or trauma is nearly pandemic. Injuries aren't inevitable, and it is not a question of whether you will get injuries, but how severe the injury will be. A well primed body can certainly avoid them. While working in the medical field for over fifteen years, I have treated hundreds of clients with an array of problems. I have been very fortunate to achieve over 20 certifications in alternative medicine. Of these I have found three to have the greatest value in the recovery of injuries.

1. Emotional Freedom Technique (Gary Craig)

2. Primal Reflex Release (John Iams)

3. Active Isolated Stretching (Arron Mattes)

Imagine for a moment a healing modality that has become a highly valued method for thousands of doctors and practitioners in over a dozen countries.

Imagine also that it requires no drugs or equipment and can be learned as a simple do-it-yourself technique which can be applied to countless ailments such as inflammation, pain, stress, fear, phobias, sleep disorders, anxiety, sports injuries, repetitive strain injuries, and peak performance.

•  Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Energy based therapy has been the basis of Eastern medical healing for over 5,000 years. Through the process of acupuncture therapy, an electrochemical link is established between the mind and the body facilitating a self-healing process.

Gary Craig, a Stamford Engineer, developed an energy process called Emotional Freedom Technique. It is a form of acupuncture without the use of needles. Instead you use your fingers to tap on certain specific acupuncture points on the head, face, chest and hands while you tune into the issue you want resolved. Gary states that” All negative emotions are a disruption in the energy system”. Correct the energy and the body heals itself. Einstein reported that physical matter (the body) is made of energy. When an emotional issue is resolved through EFT, the memory remains but the negative charge associated with it disappears. Thousands of cases have been resolved through the process of EFT.

•  Primal Reflex Release (PRRT)

We are born with many reflexes that are hard wired into our nervous system at birth. They are not under the control of the conscious mind. Some of the known reflexes include the startle, pain, and withdrawal reflexes. They were designed for our protection to keep us from physical harm. Unfortunately these reflexes when up-regulated from repeated or long term stress or trauma can become conditioned to react at the slightest stimuli even when there is no apparent danger. When stimulated they can act with vengeance making recovery more painful and sometimes impossible.

Fortunately for pain suffers a technique called PRRT was developed by a physical therapist named John Iams. With over thirty years of clinical testing and practice he developed many unique and specific techniques to down-regulate nasty uncontrolled reflexes. During an injury or emotional trauma, these reflexes become activated in order to protect us. Instead of being relaxed, a hyper sensitive muscle jumps or jerks out of control when palpitated. PRRT encourages the reflex to disengage allowing the muscles to relax and heal.

•  Active Isolated Stretching (AIS)

Flexibility is not only key to a healthy life but it is vital for an extended career in sports. Inflexibility can restrict blood flow, oxygen and nutrition from entering the cells and decrease the activity of the immune system. Tight muscles also put the athlete at a risk of injury. Micro-tearing of the fascia through injury or from improper stretching can create an inflammatory response. This in turn leads to scar tissue formation further restricting muscles and joint motion, which can drastically reduce an athlete's career.

Aaron Mattes of Florida developed a dynamic stretching procedure called Active Isolated Stretching. His clinically tested and proven technique safely returns the muscles and joints to their original range of motion while avoiding the risk of injury. According to Aaron, “a proper stretching program should yield the benefits of restoring function, optimizing performance and maintaining a flexible healthy body, and not one of inflicting pain and injury”. Conventional forms of prolonged stretching tend to stimulate the reflex protective response which can cause trauma to the tissue. With AIS, the stretch is held for only two seconds which facilitates neuromuscular re-education, propreoception and the activation of the immune system. Stretching the Mattes way appears to hold the new range of motion for a longer period of time.

Benefits of AIS

•  Remarkable reduction of muscle spasms.

•  Athletes perform sports with ease, and agility.

•  Muscles respond with efficiency, and speed.

•  Recuperation from trauma is accelerated.

•  Athletes reach peak performance much quicker.

•  Muscle pain is released by the removal of toxins.

I have found the combination of these three techniques to have a dynamic affect on the recovery rate of injuries. While AIS technique works on the muscular system, PRRT works on the nervous system, and EFT corrects the physiological and emotional energy system. The three techniques are a perfect combination in restoring the body to a healthy state. I have found EFT to be the most powerful, quick and simple.

I have had about 85% success rate since I began using these modalities. I have also used these techniques on Monmouth University 's top athletes for sports injuries and peak performance with great results. I teach my clients these techniques so that they can apply them to themselves when needed.

These techniques may not turn my athletic clients into Olympic gold medal winners, and they may not eliminate my Baby Boomers pain, arthritis and fibromylgia, but I do know that they definitely help them reach their functional and athletic potential, decrease their level of pain, and increase their quality of life which is their God given rite.

To learn about EFT go to www.emofree.com

To learn about PRRT go to www.theprrt.com

To learn about AIS go to www.stretchingusa.com/

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