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Gary Craig EFT

What is Quantum Physics?

“A dynamic approach in the field of health and healing”

It has been researched and proven that negative emotions from long term stress, anxiety, and fears are responsible for much of our pain and illnesses to-day. For decades practitioners and therapists have exhausted the research to treat components of physical and emotional illnesses, and yet the incidence of pain and stress is nearly pandemic. Healthcare spending was $1.6 trillion back in 2002 with an annual increase rate of 9.3%.

We are standing on the threshold of a new and dynamic high-rise, and healing with the philosophy of Quantum Physics and Energy Therapy (such as Emotional Freedom Technique EFT) promises a bright future in the realm of healing on both a physical and emotional level. When we experience pain, illness, anxiety or stress, quantum physics teaches us that by changing our perception to the issue, we change the outcome of our health.

Thoughts influence perception which influences our emotions, and emotions will dictate the type of chemicals that will be released. These chemicals can affect our overall health and well-being.

Accordingly, perceptions shape reality. “There is no OUT THERE, out there” everything comes from within, our consciousness and what we think really does matter. The brain is electric and acts faster than the speed of light. Thoughts and perceptions to-day, will directly influence your body tomorrow. Many studies have been done verifying the power of the mind. In studding the placebo effect on the body and the mind, results were staggering. Studies proved that there was little difference in effectiveness between the people that received a real medication pill, and those that received a placebo pill. The end result proved that when a person believed that the pill (real or placebo) was going to work, it did.

Henry Ford quoted “Whether you think you can or you can't, your right." Chinese medicine has believed in the power of the mind for centuries. They believe that where the mind goes, the body follows. In a scientific study which measured the electric out-put of the brain (using a CAT scan,) while a person was looking at an object, and then again while they were imagining the same object, they found in both cases the same areas of the brain were stimulated. Proving that the brain does not distinguish between what is real and what is imagined. This can be great news for athletes looking to increase peak performance, or it could be disastrous for someone with phobias or PTSD. The brain also has no concept of time. Every time you recall a traumatic memory, the brain releases the same stress chemicals even though the event may have been 50 years prior.

Changing life long attitudes, habits and behaviors can be very difficult, because they are ingrained into the subconscious mind by parents, society and experiences. According to Quantum Physics, these can be reversed over time. But how much time can we afford before results are evident? This is where the work of EFT comes to save the day.

It was developed by Gary Craig, a Stamford engineer. It is a form of acupuncture without the use of needles. Instead you use your fingertips on certain powerful meridian points on the face, hands and chest areas while the client focuses on the issue they want resolved. Thousands of people have received relief from long standing issues such as anxiety, fear, phobias, PTSD and much more. When an issue is resolved through EFT, the memory of the physical or emotional incident remains but the negative charge associated with it disappears. The results are unbelievable fast and most of the time permanent. EFT success rate is 85%. See www.emofree.com for further information.



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