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Gary Craig EFT

Active Isolated Stretching

Fascia is a three dimensional fibrous matrix that provides interconnections and communications throughout all the cells of the body. It surrounds every muscle, bone and joint and encompasses the sensory organs of the nervous system, blood vessels and lymph channels. Fascia also serves as a vital water storage system and the removal of toxins. Distortion of the fascial matrix by trauma, posture imbalance and injury promote detrimental contractors, inflammation, lymphatic congestion, peripheral vascular obstruction, and hypertension to name a few.

Dr. James Oschman stated that fascia is a semi-conducting communication network conveying bioelectric signals between every part of the body. Because collagen, tissue and bone are all piezoelectric material, the small stresses produced by the natural motion during a stretch creates a powerful energetic influence. Each tension, each compression, each movement, causes the connective tissue to generate bioelectric signals that precisely describe and encode information to the brain. The radiation of this energy conceivably enhances the antenna/transmitter function of the body as it is directed to the specific acupuncture points that correlate with the meridian system. Incorporating Emotional Freedom Technique with AIS and other modalities create exceptional results. For information and a free manual on EFT see www.emofree.com

Flexibility is not only the key to a healthy life and independence, but it is vital to athletes for an extended career in sports. Athletic achievement and records have been elevated to new heights through the knowledge of kinesiology resulting in increased flexibility and decreased pain. Stretching increases blood supply to the joints and muscles, stimulates the activity of the immune system and is key to the prevention and recovery of sport injuries. A proper stretching program such as AIS enhances performance, agility, rehabilitation and overall wellness. Incorrect stretching causes micro-tearing, restricts blood flow, oxygen and nutrition to the cells and puts the athlete at a greater risk of injury. I have been blessed to be personally trained by Aaron.

The Principles of Active Isolated Stretching

•  Identify the muscle to be stretched

•  Actively contract the opposite muscle of the one you want stretched, causing the brain to release your targeted muscle.

•  The muscle is stretched to light irritation but not pain, and held for only two seconds to avoid pain and micro- tearing.

•  Breathe deeply and slowly which turns on the Para-sympathetic nervous system which facilitates increased oxygen and relaxation.

•  Repetition is required to condition the fascia. We recommend ten reps three times for each muscle that is stretched.

Benefits of Active Isolated Stretching

•  Athletes reach peak performance sooner and sustain it longer.

•  Muscles respond much more quickly and powerfully.

•  Performance is improved with reduced chance of injury.

•  Lactic acid is removed along with metabolic waste.

•  Athletes rejuvenate and recuperate faster after an injury.

•  Athletes experience a major reduction in spasms.

•  Flexible muscles increase sports potential for athletes.

•  Reduces the risk of muscle tears and strain during games.

•  Improves oxygen, circulation, nutrition, and lymph drainage.

Aaron Mattes, who developed and perfected AIS for over 35 years states, A proper stretching program should yield the benefits of restoring function, optimizing performance and maintaining a flexible healthy body, and not one of inflicting pain and putting the muscle at risk of injury. For further information see www.stretchingusa.com.



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