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Gary Craig EFT

Qi Gong Healing/Reiki

Qi Gong is an ancient energy cultivation and longevity practice from China. Qi Gong, has it's tradition and practice going back 3,3000 years to the Shang and Zhou Dynasty. It is the grandfather of all martial arts and a fundamental system of energy healing and energy cultivation.

Qi means breath or life force in Chinese, Qi is also translated as the “life force” or “essential energy” moving within us. Gong means discipline/practice or technique. Qigong is then "breath technique" or the art of managing the breath to achieve and maintain good health.

Qi Gong consists of the coordination of breathing with a series of exercises in the form of various rhythmical standing and moving postures, intention and meditation. Qi Gong is easy to learn by all ages in any physical condition. Regular practice produces a healing effect by improving the flow of Qi through our body so the body can heal itself. The practice of Qi Gong enhances energy mobilization and stamina internally.

Qi Gong is used to balance and enhance physical, metabolic and mental and emotional functions. It is used in hospitals all through China for its wonderful and powerful therapeutic effects. There are over 3.000 different styles of Qi Gong. The Qi Gong forms I teach are simple to learn and practice. With simplicity comes freedom of being able to focus on the subtle energies, reaching deeper states of Qi connection and healing.

What are the Benefits of Qi Gong?

Qi Gong improves health by:

• Increasing Blood Circulation

• Increasing Oxygen Flow and Energy Flow to our Internal Organs

• Unblocking the Energy Channels throughout the body

• Coordinated breathing expands and improves lung capacity

Improved circulation of Qi to our tissues and cells help restore:

• Increased Vitality and Energy

• Balance Blood Pressure

• Strengthen the Immune System

• Calm the Spirit and Mind

• Increase Longevity, Agility and Youthfulness

• Strengthened Digestion, Assimilation and Elimination of Toxins

• Help relieve pain and stress

Through Qi Gong we have the power to redirect our focus and energy, towards wellness and health, and away from disease. Qi Gong has the power to influence and balance our body, mind and spirit. As Qi Gong transforms and strengthens our life force, it increases our longevity and vitality, empowering us on all levels. Qi Gong can create miracles through the simple application and focus of re-directing our energy, connecting the body, mind, spirit and increasing the flow of subtle energies in the body. Qi Gong is also a wonderful practice for the elderly. As we age, our breathing capacity and joint flexibility lessens. The increased circulation of Qi to all the organs and joints and increased oxygen to the lungs stimulates cellular renewal, and improves circulation and blood quality throughout the whole body, including the brain. (Excellent for Alzheimer's and as preventative for elderly loss of memory.)

For optimal health one must be in balance emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Qigong facilitates the removal of toxins and negative emotions in the body, purifying, nurturing, calming and soothing the whole being. As a result, a sense of inner peace and balance can be attained. This inner balance and clarity is the foundation of a happy, healthy and energetic life. Our quality of life is determined by this harmony. When balanced, our emotions and physical body are harmonized, and we are able to function at our highest true potential.




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