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Lymphatic Drainage

The Lymphatic System which is also called the immune system defends the body against pathogens, such as, cancer cells, fungi, viruses, and bacteria. It is composed of lymph vessels, lymph nodes and lymph organs. The Function of this great system is to remove excess fluids form the tissues which leak out daily and return it to the blood stream. It is also responsible for the absorption of fat.

Lymphatic Drainage is a specialized form of therapy specifically designed to aid the lymphatic system remove lymph fluid when the vessels or nodes have been injured or destroyed and is unable to keep up with the drainage.

Recommendations for Lymph Drainage

Patients who have received Surgery, mastectomy, tummy tuck, cosmetic surgery or liposuction need lymph drainage.

The patient must have a prescription from their doctor.

It is a very light massage due to the fact that the lymph capillaries are directly beneath the surface of the skin.

First the stomach will be massaged to stimulate all the nodes in the area. Then the neck, the underarms and the groin will be next. Then the area in question that requires lymph drainage will be addressed. It is a slow relaxing and gentle process that usually takes an hour and a half. Usually the patient falls asleep due to the calming effect of the massage. Results are usually noticed immediately or soon after the session. Lymphatic massage not only drains the excess fluid, but it also stimulates the immune system to turn on.






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