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"Fascia is connective tissue"
-by Roseanna Ellis

At all levels within the body, connective tissue forms a continuous fibrous network that allows our muscles, bones and blood vessels to communicate down to the individual cells, coordinating and restoring proper physiological function in order to maintain homeostatic wellness.

When the matrix of the fascia is disrupted by trauma or inflammation it shortens and forms adhesions which restrict the tendons and muscles from moving correctly. Also circulation and nourishment to the muscle cells are restricted.

It is of vital importance to keep the connective tissue stretched and pliable. Dr. James Oschman provides insight of the fascia as a semi-conducting communication network conveying bioelectric signals between every part of the body. All systems are enclosed in connective tissue, and every movement of the body creates tension that is manifested in this connective tissue. This semi-conducting bioelectric communication network channels information to the brain and to every other cell in the body. Through a proper stretching program you will give your muscles and joints a huge jump start to a safe and prosperous sports career.

It is not a question whether you will get hurt or have an injury, but when and how severe. Will the injury put a stop to your dreams as a successful athlete? Your body works 24/7 to ensure that all the systems in your body are at their best. It is only fair that you do all you can to help your body by eating the right foods for proper nutrition, by drinking lots of water to flush out all the toxins, and by stretching muscles so that they can perform at the peek of their ability.

Learn this new approach called ACTIVE ISOLATED STRETCHING, and your mind and body will be forever changed to a whole new revolutionary stretch that will change the way you perform your athletic games forever.


  1. To stretch a tight muscle always work the opposite muscle (reciprocal inhibition)
  2. Never hold a stretch for longer than two seconds ( avoid stretch reflex action)
  3. Only stretch one muscle at a time
  4. Breath in and out slowly and never hold your breath.(ANS activation)
  5. Repeat each stretch 10 times and do 3 repetitions
  6. Drink lots of water to help remove metabolic waste and toxins.





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