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"EFT helps a college athelete to jump higher"

Some of the athletes wrote me a thank you letter at the end of the semester. I wanted to share a bit of one with you.. This was Matthew, the high Jumper in the article you printed this week. He stated "Roseanna's use of Peak Performance has taught my body how to work properly. There are four of us who jump at meets, and we were all pretty close in our jumps, at around 6'1" to 6'2". In a ten minute period she had me jump up and touch a ceiling." He concludes, "While my teammates are still jumping 6'1" and 6'2" I have increased to 6'4" and 6'5" coming close to 6'7", I know that with more practice my abilities are almost endless and that I will continue to grow from here".

Can you imagine a ten minute tapping routine gave this kid a new look in life, and hope for a very bright tomorrow.

I went to Virginia for two days last week and tapped on 18 people for an hour each with issues ranging from being thrown around in a car by a Tornado to rapes and abortions. It was very rewarding. I wrote a list of all their issues and the suds levels for each issue. I gave them a copy to remind them of how much they had accomplished within the hour. Then I told everyone to e-mail me in a few weeks and let me know if their suds levels remained at a zero .









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