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"Shoulder pain and phobias gone in one session. Energy Medicine, the Miracle technique"

I am a licensed massage therapist and have over 20 alternative certifications from hypnosis to sports therapy. I continuously take seminars, do research and purchase books and videos to increase my knowledge and my ability to help my clients heal.  

I was working with a client who suffered from chronic shoulder pain. Whenever she became stressed her shoulder pain would increase. I told her about a new therapy that is blowing the medical profession out of the water, called Emotional Freedom Technique . I explained that it works on pain, phobias, addictions, high blood pressure, anxiety and stress along with a multitude of other ailments. I explained that by simply tapping on certain meridian points in the body while the person concentrates on their issue, the body corrects the problem. Then she said I have claustrophobia, I also wake up some nights with panic attacks and I have a fear of deep water since I was a little girl. I asked her if I could spend our session working with her issues. She was very skeptical but finally agreed. I then proceeded to treat her. She laughed because the treatment was so weird and different.  

We resolved her claustrophobia within 15 to 20 minutes. Then I treated her for the panic attacks which took about 15 minutes. When the panic issue was resolving, her memory was jarred to a long forgotten traumatic event that happened over 50 years prior when she was 10 years old. While swimming with some friends, she decided to dive into the deep end of the pool. When she was running out of air she began to swim to the surface. All of a sudden a friend who had just dove into the pool, decided to pull her back down again for more fun. The friend had placed both hands on my client's shoulders. My client began to panic from lack of oxygen and after a great struggle managed to free herself and swam to the surface.

After that incident my client had a fear of deep water and claustrophobia. The shoulder pain and panic attacks came later in life whenever she became anxious or stressed. As time passed she no longer remembered the pool incident. The traumatic pool incident was locked into her subconscious mind for over 50 years. She may have forgotten, but her body didn't.  

Her phobia issue is resolved. She swims in the deep end of her pool. She states that she no longer awakens at night. She also claims her shoulders feel a lot better. I thought her and many others to perform EFT therapy whenever they are in pain or in stressful or emotional situations.



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