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Gary Craig EFT

Client Clinicals


"EFT cases on varied subjects"

7-23-05 – 50 year old male complained of shoulder, mid back, elbow pain and tight hamstrings. Shoulder & mid back pain @ level 8/10. Performed EFT for about 15 min. The pain decreased to 2/10 but just lingered there. We discussed stress issues at work. Then we did EFT for work related stress issues. The pain went to 0/10

His hamstrings were very tight @ inability to touch his toes about 65 degrees ROM.

I was performing AIS but it was a big strain on me, so I tried EFT for ( even though I have these tight hamstrings) within 6 min. his SLR was at 90 degrees, he touched his toes

The next evening he told me he had severe pain in his L. lateral elbow for a few weeks. He jumped with shock when I put pressure on the outside of his elbow. He claimed his pain was a 20/10. We performed EFT for (even though I have this elbow pain) In less than 15 min. the pain decreased to 0/10 even upon deep pressure. I called Scott two weeks later to see how he was. He claimed his shoulder and low back were just fine. He said the elbow pain came back a little, but with much less intensity .After he does EFT it goes away and when it returns it is even less painful than the previous pain level.


8-16-05. 52 year old female, a cancer survivor, on chemo therapy. She complained of severe pain under her right arm and side. When she came to my office she was in great pain with a 10/10 intensity level under her right arm around the breast area and down her side. She was unable to tolerate any light touch in the area. I have been performing EFT, and energy Qi Gong therapy to increase her immune system and to decrease her pain. To day I was able to apply deep pressure while she lay smiling with her eyes closed.


8-12-05. 62 year old female, a cancer survivor, on chemo therapy, complained of fatigue, pain, tingling and numbness on top of both feet and toes. I have been treating her for a number of weeks for half hour sessions. I perform EFT, Energy therapy, gentle stretching and craino-sacral therapy. She claimed the pain, tingling and numbness on both feet are decreased to 0/10. She states her energy level is much better.


8-12-05. 85 year old female, complained of pain in her R. knee at level 7/10, and the Inability to walk for too long, difficulty climbing stairs, fatigue, inability to lie down and high blood pressure. I have been seeing Ester for a number of weeks for half hour visits. She has greatly improved. She receives EFT, balance and strength exercises for her back and knees. Massage to her R. knee. I worked on her posture control. She recently stated that her Dr. said she looked great and that her blood pressure was better than it has been in years.


8-15-05. 45 year old female complained of severe pain at level 8/10 in her R. hand and arm. We performed EFT for (even though I have this severe pain) and (even though I am stressed over---). Within one hour the pain in her hand, wrist, and arm was 0/10. She is a very Happy.


9-08-05 56 year old female with severe low back pain eliminated in two visits.

She called me at 8pm one evening. She had heard of this weird therapy that I was doing. She claimed that her pain was 20/10 and that with every movement a sharp pain like a knife would shoot up her back. She begged me to come to her home. I decided to go. With all my experience in rehab I assumed that she might have thrown her back out or pulled a muscle. But, I thought, at least I can get rid of her pain, and she could go to see her doctor in the morning. She was in too much pain to climb up her stairs to her bed room. I asked how she hurt her back. She stated that she looked at her daughter trying on a wedding dress and the pain began. Then the next day she found out that her daughter's engagement party was a month earlier than she planned, and this information put the stabbing pain in her back.

With everything being so perfect in her home I asked her if she was a PERFECTIONIST, she said yes and began to laugh. We began the treatment…..with…

“Even though the engagement party was pushed a month earlier than expected….

”Even though I am a perfectionist and I am the only one who can do everything right”

“Even though 200 people are coming to my home for the party, and I have to do everything myself because no one else does it the way I like it (” these were her words.)

“Even though I want to do everything myself at the risk of throwing out my back” etc

We were not getting down as fast as I might have expected, 7/10 I probed more…

“Even though the party is all about my perfection and the great job I will do and not about my daughter's happiness,” I deeply and completely love myself and my daughter”

Bingo, the tears flowed and she nodded and said “you are absolutely right”.

She stated that every time in the past when she gave over responsibility to others, they failed her and messed up. I explained that our negative thoughts sometimes create the very thing that we predict. Then we tapped for “Even though I don't trust anyone to do the job right, and I may be sending out negative vibes to cause them to fail, I deeply love and accept myself” Another Bingo. She kept nodding her head as if she finally realized something for the first time. The pain was now down to a 2/10.

Then I asked her to move her body slightly and stop at a painful point. She would give me the pain level and we would tap for that particular motion. “Even though when I move slightly to the right” and so on we went with every movement until she was down to a slight dull ach when she moved. She walked around the room smiling. By this time two hours had passed. She chose not to take any medication. She made another apt. for the following morning. We worked another half hour on EFT until there was nothing at all left even with any motion. I spent about a half hour stretching her low back and giving her a massage to spoil her for her hard work.

She called me later that night and was so excited. She said “Are your ears ringing, because I have been singing your praises all day.

It was hard to explain to her that it was her own body that did all the healing. I told her that I was just her coach and that she was the athlete. A coach is nothing without a willing player (mind over body)!




A 38 year old female with complaints of a messed up surgery. She was referred by her mother. She had a baby some months ago. She had a C section and things went very wrong during the procedure. Now months later she continued to have severe pain in her lower abdomen and stomach at level 8/10 and 10/10 when pressure was applied. Also there were a few painful lumps in the area. We began tapping for “Even though I had this C section and the doctor screwed it up”. The pain dropped to a 7/10. We repeated the same phrase about 8 times bringing her pain down to a 4/10. Then we tapped for: “Even though he screwed up, I forgive him anyway” and “Even though I have painful lumps in my abdomen, I completely love and accept). The pain level dropped down to 2/10.

Than I began to gently press on her stomach and the pain went up to an 8/10. We tapped for “Even though the pain increases to an 8/10 when it is pressed…After each round we rechecked the pain level until the pain dropped down to a 3/10. Finished for the day…

Severe Mid back pain at 8/10 to 9/10. Chasing The Pain Aug 22 nd 05

A man 59 y/o came to see me on an emergency. He had hurt his back a few days prior. He claimed he had pain with sitting down and rising up from a chair. Pain level was 8/10 to 9/10. I sat him down in a chair and tapped for “ this pain in my back” at level 9/10 until it dropped to a 1/10 about 10 minutes. I had him rise from the chair and he stated the pain increased to 5/10 getting up. So we tapped again on “Even though my back hurts at a level 5/10 when I try to get up from this chair” We repeated this procedure until he could stand up and sit down without pain, about 10 minutes. I asked him to lie down on the table and again he had an increase in his mid back at a level 5/10 while performing the action. We tapped on the painful motion until the pain dropped to 0/10. Then I had him sit back in the chair and twist his waist from right to left, and again the pain increased to 4/10. I asked him again if there was anything that he was concerned about. He said “Well, my girlfriend wants us to move again and I don't want to, but I have no choice, I have to. We tapped on “Even though we are going to move again, and I don't want to, I deeply love and accept myself, and I deeply love my girl friend.” “Even though I have no choice, I deeply love and accept myself” The pain dropped to 0/10.

Once more I had him perform all the motions that had caused him pain. He repeated them over and over again. The pain level was still 0/10.



8/22/05 - 55 year old female complained of pain, numbness and tingling secondary to chemo treatment. She has been coming to me once a week for treatment. She went through chemo treatment and had severe pain in her right side around the level of her breast region. The pain was a 10/10 but now the pain was 0/10. So I decided to work on another issue. She said that both hands were arthritic and complained of pain, numbness and tingling in her right middle finger and the inability to bend it. She claimed the finger was stiff at a level 8/10. We did the usual tapping for the stiffness. The pain stayed the same through the next three rounds. I then asked her to describe how her finger felt. She said it felt like a rod that was stopping her from bending the finger. We tapped for “this rod” and “This rod to soften” and “ I choose for this rod to soften and disappear” The finger stiffness dropped to 0/10. She had full flexibility and she claimed that the pain, numbness and tingling was all gone. She gazed with surprise. This session was the first session that she really participated in all the way. This was also the first time that I felt secure enough to speak to her about her body and her emotions. Timing is everything. Easy does it.




An elderly lady who had cancer and was going for an operation in two weeks to explore an area in her stomach to see if a mass they found was cancerous.

She had a number if issues that were of great concern.

Before After Rounds

Fear of the operation and them finding cancer 10/10 0/10 5

Sick after 70 th birthday—coughed up blood 10/10 0/10 4

Fear of dying 10/10 0/10 6

Grief over the loss of daughter dying 2 years ago 10/10 5/10 10

Pain and muscle spasms under her left arm 8/10 0/10 4

She called me two weeks later. Stated she was fine going into surgery and that the results were negative for any cancer. They could not even find the mass. She came in again for a second treatment to get over the pain of the loss of her daughter. It went down to 0/10.



Middle aged woman had 6 major issues. It took two visits for all to come to 0/10

Before After rounds Tx

Dizziness upon movement and lying still 8/10 0/10 6 1

Mucus in chest and lungs 6/10 0/10 7 1

Shortness of breath breathing capacity 50% 90% 7 1

Elbow pain 8/10 0/10 5 1

Fear of her ex-boyfriend (not safe) 10/10 0/10 18 2

Guilt about him going to jail 10/10 0/10 16 2

Client was very please with her visits.




David was a young man around 33, and a serious tennis player. He called me because he had thrown his back out and was in severe pain. He had gone to the doctor and was given muscle relaxers. X-rays were negative for disc injury. He wanted to play in a tennis tournament the following morning. The second treatment was before his game.

Before After Rounds Tx

Pin in lower back 10/10 0/10 9 2

Inability to walk without pain 8/10 0/10 7 2

Fear of hurting himself if he played 7/10 0/10 8 2

Very tight hamstrings, 50/90 performed active isolated stretching technique 90/90 2

Poor balance and coordination while walking, gave him exercises to do daily.

David played in the tournament and won. He re-injured his back a little then he made another appointment and the pain went down to a 0/10 He stated “ I would have never played or won if it were not for you…..Thanks to EFT and AIS





Robin came for treatment of many issues.

Before After

Fear of father, he was very physically abusive 10/10 0/10

Mother very abusive 10/10 0/10

Fear of father because he was an alcoholic 10/10 0/10

Sadness because father was not taking care of himself 10/10 0/10

Shame ( nothing shared) 10/10 0/10

Water in her ear. 10/10 0/10

Client went down to 0/10 on all issues. She was very pleased.





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