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What Is Active Isolated Stretching?

AIS, just one type of stretch technique you'll learn in this workshop, is a process by which each muscle is gently stretched with the aid of a therapist or a rope. By relaxing the muscle to be stretched and working its opposing muscle for only 2.5 seconds at a time, improved range of motion occurs without the risk of muscle injury.

Why Choose Stretching Interventions? With proper stretching your clients will notice:

•  Improved circulation

•  Pain reduction

•  Improved respiratory & neurological system functioning

•  Increased oxygenation of the body

•  Lymph drainage and elimination of waste products in the body, including lactic acid

•  Return to normal range of motion for improved joint and muscle health

•  Realignment of the joints and spine

•  Relaxation

•  …and safe stretching has been proven to provide lasting effects.


In One 8-hour workshop, either upper or lower extremities, you'll:

•  Learn how to identify risk factors associated with static or ballistic stretching

•  Increase your understanding of structure & function of stretch reflexes

•  Learn how to use AIS techniques along with other stretching techniques

•  Learn how to incorporate stretching techniques with massage protocols

•  Refine your skills for treatment of clients with neuromuscular and/or musculoskeletal disorders

•  Receive a Certificate of Completion for each 8-hour workshop

•  Receive an educational stretch book, exercise rope, and hands-on experience!

•  Our 8 hour Workshop is only $100.00 per person





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