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Stress Releasing Strategies for Business Professionals

If you own or operate a company in which your employees:

Sit at a computer for long hours.

Perform physical labor or repetitive tasks.

Call out sick because of neck or low back pain.

Deal with stressful situations on a daily base.

If you want to prevent work-related injuries, sick days, or provide incentives to your staff, then you might like to sponsor a workshop in Emotional Freedom Techniques:

•  Reduce or eliminate stress related issues on the job or in the home

•  Learn strategies to increase focus, productivity and concentration

•  Boost the body's immune system, and reduce sick days and doctor visits

•  Reduce chronic pain & inflammation caused by repetitive strain injuries

•  Improve posture which leads to a reduction in pain and low back problems

•  Learn simple techniques to release stress and tension stored in the body

•  Change your perception of stress and pain for a healthy long life

•  …and improve your attitude and rejuvenate the desire to come to work!


...Change your employees perception of stress, and change the way they will perform on the job forever.


About Roseanna Ellis , lmt, cst, cmld

Roseanna is a licensed massage therapist, and specializes in stress management.. She is a certified personal trainer, and holds certifications in CranioSacral, Manual Lymph Drainage, Myofascial, Pain Reflex Release, Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom technique and Sports therapy. She maintains her own private practice in Long Branch . She is a frequent educator and gives workshops and seminars on health related issues. In addition, Roseanna has spent more than 15 years working in the medical field. She is the sports injury consultant for Monmouth University in Long Branch and was also featured on the front page of the Health & Fitness section of the Asbury Park Press.


To host a workshop at your business, call

Roseanna Ellis @ 732-483-1199

The Cutting Edge in the Race to Prevent Stress and work injuries


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