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Active Isolated Stretching - A Stretching Strategy for Athletes

What Is Active Isolated Stretching?

AIS was developed by Aaron Mattes and is a process by which each muscle is gently stretched with the aid of a rope. By relaxing the muscle to be stretched and working its opposing muscle for only 2.5 seconds at a time, improved range of motion occurs without the risk of muscle tearing . Learn what top athletes have experienced through this scientifically proven revolutionary stretch that will change the way you perform you're sport forever.


Why Choose AIS Interventions? With AIS you will experience:

•  Reduction in muscle tears & injury

•  Improved circulation

•  Pain reduction or elimination

•  Increased oxygenation of the cells and tissues

•  Increased Lymph drainage and elimination of waste and toxic products

•  Increased flexibility to or beyond normal range of motion

•  Realignment of the joints and spine for improved posture

•  Improve your speed, agility, endurance and athletic potential

•  when performed correctly AIS has proven to provide lasting effects.


Our 4-hour workshop is only $100.00 per person


The class is limited to only eight people for more personal attention.

Bring soft comfortable clothing for easy movement.

A stretch rope will be provided to attendees.

Experience hours of fun while stretching your tight and sore muscles.



About Roseanna Ellis - LMT, EFT, PRRT, AIS, CST, CMLD

Roseanna is a licensed massage therapist, certified personal trainer, and holds certifications in CranioSacral, Manual Lymph Drainage, Myofascial Release, Sports injury interventions and Pain Reflex Release. She was trained in AIS by Aaron Mattes who developed the technique. She maintains her own private practice in Long Branch . In addition to her bodywork and fitness training, Roseanna has spent more than fifteen years working with medical professionals, hospitals, and orthopedic clinics. wellagain@hotmail.com

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